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Internal technical service for repair, maintenance and inspection

Lascentum has its own technical department with well-trained technicians for the repair, maintenance and inspection of all brands of welding machines. This can be done on location or in a private modern workshop. All machines in our rental park are tested, inspected and calibrated in accordance with the applicable standards. Furthermore, we offer extensive service in drafting and producing welding procedures, training and guidance in welding automation and mechanisation.

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10 August 2023

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is the meeting place for experts and top decision makers of the joining, cutting and surfacing technology industry.

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Temperature indicating sticks

31 July 2023

Lascentrum temperature crayons give the right temperature with high precision during welding, soldering and other heat treatments. Available in different temperatures. The correct temperature is reached once the stick melts. Accurate within +/- 1% Fahrenheit and +/- 3% Celsius nominal...

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Welding manupilators

31 July 2023

Lascentrum has a comprehensive range of positioner for automatic welding. These very versatile handling tools enable welding to be carried out in the optimum positions to benefit the quality of the work . Lascentrum’s positioners are with capacities ranging for...

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New Hyundai SL-71 MAG

30 June 2023

Optimal protection against hydrogen induced cracking, due to extremely low diffusible hydrogen content (under 3ml/100g weld metal) Superior wire feeding properties, and excellent weldability in all positions Excellent impact properties in low temperature Use Ar+20% CO2 shielding gas Stable arc...

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