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Welcome to Lascentrum Welding and Cutting

The wholesale distributor for businesses in welding technology. With locations in the Netherlands and Norway, we are your reliable partner for high-quality welding materials and equipment. As the exclusive importer of Hyundai Welding products, we offer a wide range of solutions to meet the needs of your business. Our own brand, Lascentrum, is known for its quality and reliability in the welding industry. Whether you have a large industrial application or are looking for specific welding materials for your business, we are here to support you. Discover our extensive range now and let Lascentrum Welding and Cutting be your partner in realizing successful welding projects for your business.


With an extensive range of high-quality welding products, we have everything you need for your welding projects under one roof. From professional welding equipment to premium welding wires and accessories, we have it all in stock.

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Click here for an extensive range of tools and materials that are essential for achieving perfect results in your grinding and sanding projects. Whether you are looking for grinding discs, sanding belts, or other accessories, think of Lascentrum!

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Gouging & Cutting

Discover at Lascentrum a wide range of high-quality cutting solutions, ranging from advanced cutting tools to precision saw blades and essential accessories. Trust Lascentrum for all your cutting and gouging needs.

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We supply a wide range of safety products for the welding industry. From protective goggles to fire-resistant clothing, we offer everything for a safe workplace. Invest in your safety with Lascentrum.

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Hyundai Welding: The fastest-growing specialist in welding consumables worldwide.

Discover Hyundai Welding, the ultimate source for high-quality welding solutions that meet the most demanding projects. Since 2007, Hyundai Welding Europe has built an undisputed reputation as the supplier of advanced welding materials and technologies throughout Europe.

With our mega warehouse in Alblasserdam, Netherlands, we are able to serve your needs quickly and efficiently, facilitated by our Lascentrum team who guarantee timely delivery for your "Just-In-Time" inventory management.

Whether you are looking for powerful welding equipment, high-quality welding wires, or expert advice from our technical experts, Hyundai Welding is always here for you.

Choose quality, choose reliability, choose Hyundai Welding - your partner for successful welding projects. Discover our extensive range today and experience for yourself why Hyundai Welding is the first choice for professionals in the welding industry.

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10 August 2023

SCHWEISSEN & SCHNEIDEN is the meeting place for experts and top decision makers of the joining, cutting and surfacing technology industry.

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Temperature indicating sticks

31 July 2023

Lascentrum temperature crayons give the right temperature with high precision during welding, soldering and other heat treatments. Available in different temperatures. The correct temperature is reached once the stick melts. Accurate within +/- 1% Fahrenheit and +/- 3% Celsius nominal...

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Welding manupilators

31 July 2023

Lascentrum has a comprehensive range of positioner for automatic welding. These very versatile handling tools enable welding to be carried out in the optimum positions to benefit the quality of the work . Lascentrum’s positioners are with capacities ranging for...

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New Hyundai SL-71 MAG

30 June 2023

Optimal protection against hydrogen induced cracking, due to extremely low diffusible hydrogen content (under 3ml/100g weld metal) Superior wire feeding properties, and excellent weldability in all positions Excellent impact properties in low temperature Use Ar+20% CO2 shielding gas Stable arc...

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