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Lascentrum Welding & Cutting

Lascentrum Welding and Cutting is a technical welding wholesaler with branches in the Netherlands and Norway. In these countries we are an importer of welding materials from Hyundai Welding. We also supply many products under our Lascentrum private label. In addition to sales and rental, we offer our customers extensive service in the form of advice, training and guidance.

Internal technical service for repair, maintenance and inspection

Lascentum has its own technical department with well-trained technicians for the repair, maintenance and inspection of all brands of welding machines. This can be done on location or in a private modern workshop. All machines in our rental park are tested, inspected and calibrated in accordance with the applicable standards. Furthermore, we offer extensive service in drafting and producing welding procedures, training and guidance in welding automation and mechanisation.

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Product highlight: MMA 160MV

21 October 2022

Very compact, lightweight and powerful electrode welding inverter with a maximum power of 160 amps. This small powerhouse comes equipped with multi-voltage technology, which means that this machine can be used for all voltages between 90V and 275V. More info:...

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Product highlight: MIG 200S MV

21 October 2022

The Lascentrum MIG 200S MV is designed to take on any challenge without compromising on performance. We continue to revolutionize the MIG welder market by using reliable and consistent inverter technology. More info: [embed][/embed]

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We’re very proud to finally...

11 May 2022

Throughout the years, we have enjoyed an excellent partnership with Kemper, which has certainly paid off: today we are honoured to be a premium Kemper dealer. Kemper is a technology leader in extraction technology for metalworking. Kemper welding fume extraction...

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We are finally a recognised...

6 May 2022

We've become a recognised work and training company! This is something we are particularly proud of! We are officially recognised by the Samenwerkingsorganisatie Beroepsonderwijs Bedrijfsleven (SBB). We believe it is important to share our knowledge with a new generation and...

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